We sold our RV and purchased a van to enable greater mobility for Diane.  Freedom from a the limitation of days spent at home in a hospital bed, travel to see family/friends, and be a part of family outings (day trips, overnight, etc.) is important.  For example, a day trip to Mt. St. Helens for the family is now possible.  We can enjoy the visitor center together, a picnic lunch, etc. and Diane can rest while Wade and the kids take a hike towards the crater.  Our kids are in the final years of being at home and we want as much as possible for Diane to be a part of that.

This “medical mobility device” (21 foot long Chinook Concourse) provides Diane and the family with: a couch facing sideways, bathroom, sink, a 4 seater dinette, a galley that we can use for meals and storage of her medical care items that require refrigeration, and some room to bring a few friends along for the ride. 

We researched a regular minivan but the seats don’t face the right way for Diane to enjoy travel.  This still can fit in most parking spaces that accommodate full-sized van lengths.    It allows for medical care and access to  facilities on the road, enabling us to travel for greater distances than the current limitation of our local metropolitan area.

Believe it or not, this particular model is a collector’s item and a conversation piece with folks we see along the way.  The prior owner had some fun with upgrades: high performance intake & exhaust, lifted chassis, etc. We intend to use the interest folks express about the vehicle as opportunity to share with others who are less aware of the potential progression of Chrohn’s disease, how we find joy through faith in the midst of trials, and the importance of sharing special moments together with family and friends.

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